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Indexable Lathe Parting And Grooving Tool Set

Indexable Lathe Parting And Grooving Tool Holder With GTN-3(QC1403) Carbide Insert 3/4 X 3/4 Inch

lathe groove cutting tools

An indexable lathe parting and grooving tool set is a comprehensive collection of cutting tools specifically designed for use on a lathe machine. These tools are primarily used for parting (cutting off) workpieces and grooving (creating grooves) in various materials such as metal or wood.

The term "indexable" refers to the fact that these tools are equipped with replaceable cutting inserts. These inserts are typically made of high-speed steel (HSS), carbide, or other hard materials. The advantage of indexable tools lies in their ability to easily replace the cutting inserts when they become dull or worn out. This feature ensures cost-effectiveness as only the inserts need to be replaced, rather than the entire tool.

A lathe parting and grooving tool set usually comprises a variety of tools with different cutting widths and angles to accommodate various machining requirements. The set may include specialized tools for specific applications, such as parting tools for cutting off workpieces and grooving tools for creating precise grooves.

The tool set may also include tool holders or holders with adjustable heights to provide flexibility in machining operations. These holders securely hold the cutting inserts and allow for precise positioning and depth of cut adjustments.

When using an indexable lathe parting and grooving tool set, the tool is mounted onto the lathe's tool post or turret. The cutting insert is then positioned to achieve the desired depth of cut and groove width. The lathe's spindle is rotated, and the tool is fed into the workpiece to perform the cutting or grooving operation.

The cutting inserts in an indexable tool set are typically designed with multiple cutting edges. This means that when one edge becomes dull or damaged, the insert can be rotated or indexed to expose a fresh cutting edge. This feature extends the tool's lifespan and reduces downtime for tool changes.

Indexable lathe parting and grooving tools find widespread use in manufacturing and machining operations. They are commonly employed for tasks such as parting off finished parts from bar stock, creating internal or external grooves for retaining rings or O-rings, and forming recesses for snap rings or bearings.

In summary, an indexable lathe parting and grooving tool set provides a versatile and efficient solution for parting and grooving operations on a lathe machine. The inclusion of replaceable cutting inserts allows for cost-effective tooling, while the variety of tool options caters to different machining requirements. These tool sets enable precise and repeatable cuts, minimizing downtime for tool changes and enhancing overall productivity in machining operations.